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About Us

Since 1994, Forrest Photography has centered on capturing the regal beauty of the horse and the human drama of horse competition. So unique is the relationship between horse and rider, that no other team in the sports world compares.

Suzanne Forrest came to love horses and photography at a very early age, but pursued a career in training horses until the Lord made it clear that photographing them was the line of work he supported. She acknowledges, "The experience I gained in the horse industry as a trainer has been of great benefit to me in my current field."

Rick Mock was a technically minded fellow who learned to appreciate horses when he had to take over operation of the family training facility after the death of his stepfather, a racehorse trainer. His wealth of computer knowledge and innovative thinking advanced Forrest Photography to the leading edge position it holds in the equine digital imaging field.

After Rick and Suzanne's marriage in 1998, Forrest Photography became the company contracted to provide still images at the Abilene Spectacular, Memphis Futurity, Non Pro Cutting, Bonanza Cutting, Brazos Bash, etc. In 2001, they introduced digital photography to Don Shugart, Suzanne's mentor. The Mock's then took on supportive roles for the Shugart's as Assistant Photographer and Computer / Lab Tech at their shows as well.

Recently, their schedule has relaxed enough to allow them to sit in with folks at some weekend shows in Texas and surrounding states. "We enjoy being able to provide a service for the people we feel are the 'backbone' of the industry."

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